Caledonia Monument Park Dedication 2014

by Maria on July 19th, 2014

One of the things travelers remember about Caledonia is that there is a Civil War monument surrounded by a traffic circle where Routes 5 and 36 come together in the middle of town. On the southwest corner of that intersection is a small park, and as of today it is officially named Monument Park.

There were crafts and activities throughout the day. The official dedication ceremony, led by Mayor Debbie Davis, was at high noon. Kelley's Heroes performed a concert at 2 pm next to the Caledonia Library. Internittent spritzes of rain didn't dampen our spirits or those of our audience.

We welcomed Dawn, a new clarinetist. If you would like to join Kelley's Heroes Marching Band or Colorguard, click above on Join and read the Frequently Asked Questions. Then fill out the form and click on submit. We'd love to have you.

Arnie came to lend support to Karen, Doug and Bob in the trumpet section. Larry came all the way from Clyde. Connor and Donovan played auxiliary percussion. Doug wore a previous version of our uniform shirt with the diagonal line. Can you spot him in the photo below?

Don rode his motorcycle with the Patriot Guard in the morning; they escorted the funeral procession of a WWII vet in Attica. Then he came to Caledonia to play sousaphone with us. At first I had the mental picture of him carrying a sousaphone on his motorcycle, but then he explained that he trailored his bike. That makes much more sense.

We have two great events coming up this week: Thursday evening at the Hilton FD Parade and Saturday morning at the Byron Heritage Festival Parade. See you there!
Kelley's Heroes performs for Caledonia's Monument Park Dedication celebration.
‚ÄčThe group on the right is trying to stay out of the rain by standing under the overhang of the library. Andy and Tara brought umbrellas; Tara even brought an umbrella holder, her husband Bob. The rest of us didn't care about getting wet.

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