Bergen Park Festival 2014

by Maria on June 19th, 2014

To launder or not to launder? Many of us marched in the Stafford Parade last night and we did a parade and concert for the Bergen Park Festival today. This quick turn around leads to speculation over who laundered their shirts, who didn't, and who might have just slept their uniforms.

While we were still putting our instruments together in the parking area, a woman with an extended cab pick-up truck offered to take equipment and marchers to the beginning of the parade. We loaded our bass drum, banner, Pully and Larry, and off they went. The rest of us walked to the staging area at the fire hall. When we got there, there was no sign of Pully, Larry or our equipment. Where could they have gone? Just before the parade started,  they emerged from the fire hall where they had been relaxing comfortably. The mystery woman was not a kidnapper after all; instead, she was one of the parade organizers.

Larry deserves special recognition for marching in both of these back-to-back parades. He marched in Stafford last night, drove home to Clyde and came back for Bergen today. The two round trips add up to about 300 miles and 5 hours of driving. Thanks, Larry! We appreciate your dedication.

Andy also deserves special recognition for effort. He plays dulcimer with a local group, and they performed in Greece at 10 am this morning. Then he changed his clothes and drove to Bergen in time to march the parade. Andy wasn't sure if he would make it in time, so Donovan from colorguard was outfitted with a bass drum just in case and we had two bass drums for the parade. Donovan's brothers, Trevor and Connor, carried the banner.

After the parade,we stood in the middle of the activities in Hickory Park and played some of our favorite songs for the next hour. The concert venue is nice because it gives us a chance to play some great music that may be too fast or too slow for marching. We always enjoy playing in Bergen because everyone there is so nice to us.

Our next event is the Chili Chil-E-Fest on July 4. See you there!

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