Honor Flight Rochester 2014

by Maria on April 8th, 2014

This is one of those events that makes us proud to be members of Kelley's Heroes.  Almost 30 members of our band and color guard, along with at least 10 additional family members, participated in Honor Flight. If you're not familiar with Honor Flight, it is a program that flies WWII veterans and Korean War veterans to Washington, D.C., to "visit and reflect together at the memorials." (honorflightrochester.org)

We provided music while the veterans got off the plane, walked through the concourse, and proceeded to the ceremony in the International Room. Unfortunately there isn't enough space for the entire band to attend the ceremony, but three of our musicians - Arnie on trumpet, Pully on valve trombone, and Don on snare drum - did play The Star-Spangled Banner for the ceremony.

Irene's father, who is also Karen's and Kimberly's grandfather, was one of the veterans who made the trip. Irene's father was a Corporal in the the Army, where he specialized in field artillery. The Army sent him to Harvard for math and trigonometry so that he would be able to determine the trajectory for cannons to hit their intended targets. This kept him home during D-Day, but he was later stationed in Austria and Germany.

Irene said her father loved the trip. On the flight to Washington, D.C., they had mail call and received letters from local high school students. It was just coincidence that Irene's father was scheduled to participate in same Honor Flight event as Kelley's Heroes, and we're happy it worked out that way. Irene appreciates everyone's efforts in making this a memorable day for her father.

Our next event is the Cal-Mum Youth Baseball Parade on May 3.

Kelley's Heroes provides music for Honor Flight Rochester 2014.04.06

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