Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade 2014

by Maria on April 6th, 2014

It was about 15 degrees colder for this parade than it was yesterday in Rochester. That put the temperature below freezing at a sunny but cold 20 degrees. Anyone who plays an instrument knows that cold temperatures are not good for performing, and that was true for this parade. Before we even stepped off, the brass instruments had frozen piston valves and icicles hanging from their "spit" valves.

We started marching in this parade several years ago because we were invited by Brian's Uncle Bill to march with Ancient Order of Hibernians. This year, Uncle Bill was in Florida and Brian couldn't make it, but other AOH members welcomed us and appreciated our efforts to play in the cold.

Chris brought his snare drum music, but accidentally picked up his Christmas folio instead of his regular marching folio. Don gave Chris his folio so Chris played the songs and Don played the street beat. Along with Jon on bass drum, they played seamlessly throughout the parade.

Liz took the whistle so that Maria could concentrate on playing sousaphone, or at least try to play the sousaphone. With frozen valves, all she could play was the open notes. Irene's sister, Joanne, came along to carry the banner with Nancy. Karen used to live in Buffalo, so she knew how to avoid the crowds and get us back to the parking garage by going one block east of the parade. All in all, it was a good day in spite of the cold.

Our next event is Honor Flight at the Rochester International Airport.

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