Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2013

by Maria on January 7th, 2014

The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is the climax of our marching season. More than one half million people line the 3.5 mile route and the parade is broadcast throughout Canada and to several other countries.

This was Kelley's Heroes' twenty-second appearance in the Santa Claus Parade, and there are five of us who have made the trip all twenty-two years: Pully, Marcia, Scott, Josh and Maria. We also had a number of first-timers: Tara, Karen, Tom, Kristen, Bob, Anya, Don, George and Galen.

In the days leading up to the parade, the forecast had been calling for about 50 degrees and rain. In all the years we've played in Toronto, we've had all kinds of weather: it's been freezing cold, it's been too warm for our winter uniforms, there have been flurries, big wet snowflakes, and strong winds. But we've never had rain. This year it did rain early in the morning, and the rest of the day was overcast but no more rain. We were lucky; the same weather system caused devastating tornadoes in Indiana and Illinois.

We had a little help from friends. Two of Josh's Canadian friends from The Empire Statesmen joined us in Toronto. George plays a screaming trumpet and Galen normally plays snare drum but helped us out with bass drum. A few of our friends from the Mark Time Marchers helped out, too: Tom on trumpet, Kristen in color guard, Anya on baritone, Don on snare drum.

Each year during this trip, we unveil a small gift for our members. This year, it was a Kelley's Heroes Christmas ornament. See details in the previous post.

One more event remains on our schedule: the Caledonia-Mumford Hometown Holidays Parade. Isn't it ironic that our two Christmas parades represent the longest and shortest parades of the year?

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