2013 Ornament

by Maria on January 7th, 2014

Kelley's Heroes has launched a series of collectible Christmas ornaments. Our plan is to feature a different instrument and different color each year until the whole band is represented.

This year, the inaugural ornament features a valve trombone, a somewhat rare instrument played by one of our charter members, Don Pullyblank. The valve trombone plays the same part written for the baritone horn in either treble clef or bass clef. Students who start as trumpet players learn to read treble clef. Later, if they also want to play the
baritone horn,  they usually continue to play in treble clef.  On the other hand, students who start on baritone horn usually learn to read bass clef. Either way, the music sounds the same. Pully started as a trumpet player, so he plays the valve trombone in treble clef.

The flat acrylic ornaments are 3" inches in diameter. For a suggested donation of $5, you can start your own collection of Kelley's Heroes ornaments.  If you would like one, send us a message by clicking on Contact on the navigation bar at the top of this Web page.

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