Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming 2013

by Maria on September 28th, 2013

The Roberts Wesleyan College Homecoming Parade is the last parade of our regular season. Their parade committee was very organized. Easily identifiable parade officials were stationed at road entrances and throughout the parade route. Everything ran very smoothly.

None of the Heroes admitted to sleeping in their uniforms after last night's parade, but Margaret and Pully both said they washed theirs. All of us believed Margaret and most of us doubted Pully.

As I said in last night's post, many of our band members demonstrate extraordinary dedication. Last night, Mike drove from his home in Newark to the parade in Brighton and back home. Then he drove  to North Chili this morning.

Thank goodness Liz took the whistle so that Maria could concentrate on playing sousaphone. As we walked from the staging area to the beginning of the parade, we could see a person in a red shirt carrying a  drum running toward us. It was Chris joining the parade just minutes from the start.

The Caledonia-Mumford High School Band also marched in the parade. Their band director, Matt Trost, is a Roberts alumnus. Arnie's daughter and sons play in the band, so he came along to take pictures. The ones he took of us can be seen below. Which do you think shows our better side?

There are no events in the next few weeks. but we'll be making preparations for our annual trip to Toronto to perform in the Santa Claus Parade. On the Sunday afternoons of November 3 and 10, we'll be marching around Caledonia practicing our Christmas music from 1-3 pm. If you're in town, come out and enjoy a walk with us.

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