Livonia Autumn in the Village 2013

by Maria on September 14th, 2013

The day had a chilly start under thick gray clouds. Several Heroes wore their winter sweatshirts over their summer marching shirts. Even so, we reminisced about how the cold was preferable to the monsoon that drenched us last year in this parade.

A few weeks ago, Kelly repaired the banner so that all the lettering matches and it looks great. This week, Maria repaired Don's sousaphone sock. The original one was made to fit a fiberglass sousaphone. Since then, Don has acquired a metal sousaphone that has a larger bell and the smaller sock just wouldn't stay put. A few inches of additional fabric and some new elastic did the trick.

Tara's family is getting more involved with Kelley's Heroes. Her son, Peyton, carried the banner with Colleen. Her daughter, McKenna marched behind the drum line with their two adorable dogs, Petunia Sugar Biscuit and Attila. Petunia is a white poodle mix and Attila is a black poodle mix. Both are very friendly, and we may have to outfit them with Kelley's Heroes uniforms to march in future parades as our canine unit.

I just want to mention that Colleen is a nurse at Strong Memorial Hospital. My husband recently had a short stay there and Colleen was his nurse for part of the time. All the nurses were wonderful, but it was especially nice to see a familiar face. Thanks, Colleen!

We usually stay after the Livonia parade and play a few tunes in the festival area. This year, the festival committee formalized this by inviting all the bands to stay and play. We played along with the Mark Time Marchers and a couple of the Prime Time Brass. Bob, director of the Mark Time Marchers, even brought extra folios so that we could all play together. It was amazing to play with with four sousaphones and six trumpets!

There are two parades remaining in our regular season: the September 27 Brighton Homecoming Parade and the September 28 Roberts Wesleyan Homecoming Parade. Then we'll switch to our Christmas folios for the last two parade of the year.

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