Hamlin FD Parade 2013

by Maria on August 17th, 2013

The sun was shining but it was humid because it had rained earlier in the day. The ground was soggy in places, so we had to be careful walking on the carnival grounds and driving in the parking field.

While we were lining up at Tops Plaza, Jon and Kelly's son, James, was following a toad that was hopping along the edge of the parking lot. Tara's son, Peyton, came to carry the banner along with Rex. Peyton plays baritone in his school band and we're looking forward to the day when he can join us as a member of the band. If you would like to join the band or color guard, go to the homepage and click on Join.

We had a small group, but the Chili Fire Department had no marchers at all, so we marched in front of their trucks. All instruments were represented except the trumpets, so Maria played the 1st trumpet part on the tenor sax. This makes the band sound different, but at least the melody is there. Thank goodness Chris was able to change his work schedule so he could come and play snare drum; otherwise Jon would have been our only percussionist on bass drum.

After the parade, we played a few tunes with the Mark Time Marchers in the beer tent. The shorter days are noticeable now. We can't play as long because there isn't enough light to see our music. That only means one thing: summer is almost over and the parade season is winding down. We only have two more parades in September before we change over to our Christmas parade music. We hope you'll join us for our next parade in Livonia on September 14.

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