Dewey Avenue Festival 2013

by Maria on August 7th, 2013

Kelley's Heroes made a grand entrance at the Dewey Avenue Festival. We marched from Clark Park (I love that name.) and around the perimeter of the Bethany Presbyterian Church parking lot. Then we made a circle in a shady spot in the middle of the parking lot and played our favorite songs for half an hour. Tracey arranged this event for us. She has a connection to the Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Emily came to carry the banner, but it's too heavy for one person to carry alone. A nice young man from Bethany Presbyterian Church named Ben helped out by taking the other end. There were several toddlers dancing while we played. They were adorable, especially one little guy who was wearing a shirt that had Certified Hunk written across the front.

We were a smaller group for this event. It's hard to draw a lot of people on a Tuesday night, but all the parts were covered and we had a good time. Our next event is the Hamlin FD Parade on Friday. See you there!

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