Clifton FD Parade 2013

by Maria on August 3rd, 2013

The dark clouds and thunder of the afternoon made way for a cool and fairly clear evening in Clifton. We marched with the Chili Fire Department.

Technology is wonderful! It turns out that some people do use the addresses included in the parade information. In the last email there were two addresses: one for a social event and one for the parade. Mike W, entered an address into the GPS on his phone and ended up at the social event. Fortunately it was within a couple of miles of the parade and he was able to plug in  the parade address and still make it on time.

It has become a tradition for Trevor, Connor and Donovan to carry our banner in Clifton. They are the sons of Kelley's Heroes founder Tim Kelley and his wife, Heidi. It's hard to believe it's been ten years since Tim died. The boys are now in middle school; they all play instruments and we're looking forward to the day when they will join Kelley's Heroes.

It was nice to have Rex, Marsha and Emily in the front line. There were five flutes tonight: Irene on piccolo, Ashley, Lacey, Tara and Tracey. There would have been six, but Margaret was helping out by covering the alto sax part. Scott was our solo snare, and Andy was our solo bass drum, but they kept the beat going continuously throughout the parade. All together, we had 25 on the street.

In the beer tent, we played a couple of songs with our friends in the Mark Time Marchers. The two bands playing together on Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) and The Stripper was awesome! We're planning to do it again next Friday at Hamlin, but our next event is the Dewey Avenue Festival Parade and Concert on Tuesday. See you there!

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