Hilton FD Parade 2013

by Maria on July 25th, 2013

It was a perfect night for a parade, cool and clear, and thousands of people came out to watch. The parade route was simplified so that it was a straight shot down Henry to West and then South. The nice weather must have also inspired band members to come out for the parade; as we marched with the Chili Fire Department, we had 27 on the street for our biggest turn-out of the season.

Hailey and Zach were back as banner carriers. Their mother, Martha, owns a florist business in Hilton, and it has become a tradition for them to carry our banner for this parade. Colleen showed up for color guard, but there was a mix-up and she had nothing to carry. Fortunately, our friend Bob, who directs the Mark Time Marchers, had a couple of extra percussion instruments, so Colleen made her debut on cowbell. Thank you Mark Time Marchers!

It was nice to see Dan V. in town playing trombone with the Hilton Generations Band. Dan also played with Kelley's Heroes for several years, then moved out of state to pursue a job opportunity.  It was also nice to have our 315ers, Larry and Mike W., playing with us, although we need to get Mike into one of our new uniform shirts for the next parade. Tara also had a wardrobe malfunction - she forgot her hat!  Many of us have forgotten something at one time or another, so we can relate to that.

We're lucky to have several people in our band who can cover alternate instruments when needed. To cover parts, Margaret played alto sax  and Scott played snare drum. Theresa missed the parade but made it for the beer tent. With six trumpets (Candy, Doug, Karen, Liz, Mike B. and Mike W.) three trombones (Art, Ben and Harold), two baritones (Larry and Pully) and one contrabass bugle (Josh), we just had to play El Tigre in the judging area and it sounded g-r-e-a-t!

Our next parade is Friday, August 2 in Clifton. Come and see us!

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Liz - July 26th, 2013 at 6:44 AM
It was a great night with GREAT friends! Thank you, Heroes!!

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