Chil-E-Fest 2013

by Maria on July 4th, 2013

Western New York has been stuck in an unsettled weather pattern for several days. We've had isolated heavy downpours with thunder and lightning resulting in flash flooding. However, today there was nothing to worry about in Chili. It was hot and humid, but not as hot as last year. The sun was shining through big clouds; some were darker than others, but there was no rain.

This is a real community event. The parade started with hundreds of Chili residents marching with sports teams and church groups. Kelley's Heroes marched in front of our friends with the Chili Fire Department. We had a good turn-out even though many Kelley's Heroes members were celebrating the Fourth with family picnics and camping.

After the parade, the Chili Fire Department graciously invited us back to the fire hall for a cool drink, pizza and wings. After the hot, humid parade, it felt especially good to spend a little time in an air conditioned room. On our way back to our cars, several of us stopped for ice cream. The perfect ending for a hot day!

Our next event is the LeRoy Oatka Fest next Saturday, July 12. There's a parade in the morning followed by entertainment and activities throughout the afternoon. See you there!

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