Mendon FD Parade 2013

by Maria on June 1st, 2013

When we left Caledonia, it was hot and mostly sunny. An hour later, as we were lining up with the Bushnells Basin FDfor the parade in Mendon,  big dark clouds were rolling in. As we stepped off, the wind came up and blew so many flower petals out of the locust trees that it looked like it was snowing. We braced ourselves for the worst, but there was a just a light sprinkle during the parade and the steady rain held off until about 9 pm. Later we learned that there had been quite a storm in neighboring Fairport with lightning, thunder and heavy rain. That really would have ruined the parade.

Kelley's Heroes is a concert/marching band, so we separate our music into two folios: a concert folio and a marching folio. Poor Bob! He's a new trumpet player and his first parade was the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade. He sent me an email to remind me that he needed music. However, I misread it and thought he just needed the new music, so I brought him a concert folio and the 3 new songs for the marching folio. I forgot that Bob didn't have a marching folio;  I had collected it after the Buffalo parade because I knew we were going to change the selections. I couldn't let Bob march the parade with only 3 new songs and none of the 9 old songs in his folio, so I gave him my tenor sax folio so that he would have something to read for all the songs. During the parade, Bob was playing the tenor sax parts on trumpet and I was playing from memory, which I don't do very well. After the parade, we used the concert folio in the beer tent, and Bob had that one so we were back to normal.

Tonight, we debuted our new shirts, which looked very sharp. We also started a new procedure in the beer tent: anyone in the band can call a favorite song and everyone will play it with a smile. This worked very well and encouraged a variety of tunes. We played some songs that we haven't played in quite a while. Oldies but goodies.

In the coming week, we have a parade Thursday 6/6 in Spencerport and a parade/concert Saturday 6/8 at noon in Bergen. See you there!

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