LeRoy Village Green 2012

by Maria on September 22nd, 2012

When Kelley's Heroes played at the Chil-E-Fest in July, we saw Jan, the activities director from the Village Green. She commented that it had been a while since we had played there and invited us to schedule a concert. Today was that day.

Since we perform in the activity room, we only need a small group. If all fifty of us showed up, the volume would be overwhelming! There were thirteen of us, and everyone was conscientious about observing the dynamics in the music. All the parts were covered, but we were especially thankful for Mike, our only trumpet.

The residents responded enthusiastically to our music. Many were moving in their seats, and some even did the arm gestures for Y.M.C.A. A few of the residents are Caledonia natives - Betty, George and Helen. It was especially nice to see them.

Today's concert was our last event of the regular season. Now we have to switch folios and begin practicing for our Christmas season parades in Toronto and Caledonia.

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