Palmyra Canaltown Days 2012

by Maria on September 15th, 2012

It's about an hour's drive to get to Palmyra, but it was well worth it today. The weather was a cool 66 degrees, and the skies were partly cloudy. Kathy, Kelly and Margaret layered black long-sleeved shirts under their uniform shirts.

Josh normally plays a contrabass bugle, which is a pitched in the key of G. He takes all of our tuba music, which is pitched in C, and transposes it. About an hour before the parade, Josh found out that he couldn't use the G horn, so he brought his sousaphone and a backpack full of miscellaneous marching music to the parade. While we were waiting to start, Karen sorted through the music and pulled out the pages that match our marching book. She found five tunes, and Josh felt that he could play two others transposing on sight, so we had seven tunes from which to choose.

Scott played snare drum, Andy played bass drum, and Maria had the whistle. The theme of the parade was "Hooray for the USA!" so we played "Battle Hymn Finale" in the review area. There were a lot of people along Main Street, especially on either side of the review area. It was nice to see a good turn out on a beautiful day.

In personal news, Harold and Emily got engaged, and Jamie and Elizabeth, and Liz and Candy, have weddings coming up soon. Mike was cast as Sir Robin in a local production of Spamalot. Congratulations to all!

Our next event is the Brighton Community Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 21.

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