Clifton Parade 2012

by Maria on August 4th, 2012

The Clifton Carnival is a favorite among the locals. There are no fancy rides, but there are fun games and good food. People from out-of-town come for the thrill of playing the games, especially the famous Rat Game, and winning a bag of vegetables. The parade is known for its antique tractors; there are usually about twenty of them.

Last night was another hot one, but the parade is less than mile and it's all downhill. It was good to have Steve R. marching for the first time this year. We were also happy to see Steve B. at the beer tent.

Chris and Collen had their adorable niece, Eviana, with them. Colleen marched in the color guard, but Chris sat with Eviana and watched the parade. Which band was Eviana's favorite? Kelley's Heroes, of course!

After the parade, everyone was invited back to Liz's house for pizza and wings. Pully had a little problem with his chicken wings. The first wing he ate was fine, but the second was hot! He had taken one wing from each box, not realizing that one box contained mild wings and the other box contained hot wings. For other entertainment, Harold and Candy impressed people with card tricks.

Clifton is the last firemen's parade on our schedule, but we still have a few festival parades to do. Our next parade is the Autumn in the Village Celebration in Livonia on September 8. See you there!

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