East Rochester FD Parade 2012

by Maria on July 29th, 2012

It rained most of the afternoon, but we need the rain so badly, I don't think anyone minded. By 5:00 pm, the clouds had broken, the sun was shining and we were on our way to East Rochester.

Rick made his second carpool and parade in one week. As we were walking to the staging area, he dropped his sticks, then he dropped his music, then he dropped his harness. Thank goodness he was able to hold on to his snare drum until we reached our destination on West Avenue.

Our line-up on West Avenue had a festive atmosphere. Our friends from Bushnell's Basin Fire Department were just ahead of us, and our friends from Caledonia, Chili and Clifton were right behind us.

The parade had a good pace. Some years the East Rochester parade has been a stop-and-go parade. This can be frustrating for marchers who end up standing around for what feels like a long time. This year, we had a brief stop on West Commercial Street and marched straight through to the carnival grounds. After the judging area, there's an uphill stretch that can be strenuous, but everyone made it. There's always an appreciative crowd on Wooodbine Avenue. Liz called I Heard It Through the Grapevine, to which we do our California Raisins routine, and the crowd really enjoyed it.

In other news, Gail joined a quilting club at Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop, and one of her quilts won first place in the Olde Glory Country Faire and Caledonia Quilt Show. We (Kelley's Heroes) found out that we took first place in the Rush parade and second place in the Hilton parade. All of this good news put us in good spirits for the evening.

Our last firemen's parade is Friday, August 3 in Clifton - not Clifton Springs, as one member of our band thought one year! After that, we still have festival parades in Livonia and Palmyra in September. See you there!

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