Hilton FD Parade 2012

by Maria on July 27th, 2012

We didn't have a fire department to march with, but we didn't want to miss the Hilton Parade, so we marched on our own. It's a good thing Gail checked the parade Web site. She didn't see us listed in the line-up, so she called and the parade organizer put us near the end, behind the snowmobile club and their trail grooming machine. They were making snowballs and throwing them into the crowd, which was a lot of fun on a hot humid night. Yes, humid. It's been a hot dry summer, and we really need the rain, so I don't think anyone minded that there was a sprinkle in the air while we played at the beer tent, and there was steady rain for most of the drive home. Our lawns are looking a little greener today.

With six trumpets - Candy, Doug, Karen, Liz, Rick, and Scott - and three snares - Chris, Kevin and Rick - we played El Tigre in the judging area and had a big sound. Neither Rick has been able to make many parades this year, so it was nice to both of them.

Zach and Hailey carried the banner. They spend a lot of time in Hilton because their mom, Martha, owns Justice Flower Shop there. Martha grew up in Caledonia and her sister, Karen, plays trumpet with Kelley's Heroes. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough people to field the rest of the color guard. If you would like to join Kelley's Heroes band or color guard, visit our homepage and click on Join.

When Doug, Wendy, Tim and Ben arrived at the carnival grounds, the parking lot was almost full. One of the men directing traffic asked if they were with the band; he must have noticed the matching shirts. Of course, Doug said "yes" because they do play with a band. Then he was directed to park behind the beer tent by the stage where the party band plays!

Our next parade is Saturday 7/28 in East Rochester. See you there!

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