2012: Caledonia and Mumford FDs Celebrate 125 Years

by Maria on July 22nd, 2012

The Caledonia and Mumford Fire Departments work together on a regular basis, so it was only fitting the two would celebrate their 125th anniversary together. It seemed as if the entire Cal-Mum community helped to celebrate either by marching or watching the parade. There were almost 100 units including bands, marching units, antique vehicles, horse drawn steam fire pumpers and lots of fire trucks. Arnie did a great job organizing the parade.

We marched near the front of the parade. The banner was carried by Trevor, Conor and Donovan, sons of our late founder and leader, Tim Kelley. It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since Tim died, and his sons are now in middle school. We know he is proud of them.

Our tradition for hometown parades is to have children of family and friends march with us. For this parade, Angelina, James, Zachary and Jacob rode in wagons pulled by Rex and Scott. Another tradition for hometown parades is that Harold and Emily drive the 1942 GPW Jeep instead of marching.

For those of you still wondering why Pully was marching around Caledonia playing his trombone at 9:30 pm last night, there is a perfectly logical explanation. Caledonia native Pat Davis was married last year in New York City, and his family was having a party for Caledonia friends to meet the new Mrs. Davis. Pully was invited, but he arrived late because he stopped in on his way back from the Rush parade. Party guests thought it would be fun to have a "parade" of their own, so they talked Pully into playing some music and leading them in a walk up to the monument and back.

Happy birthday to Marcia and Harold.

Our next parades are Hilton on Thursday, July 26 and East Rochester on Saturday, July 28. See you there!

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