LeRoy Oatka Fest Parade 2012

by Maria on July 14th, 2012

And the hot weather just keeps coming. Thank goodness the Oatka Fest is a morning parade, so we were finished before it reached 91 degrees in the afternoon.

The Heroes had a good turn-out. It was nice to see Irene, who hasn't been able to make many parades this year because of her Lia Sofia Jewelry business.

As the Heroes were walking back to their cars, the Hilton Generations Band was marching by playing Sing! Sing! Sing!, so Scott and Pully stepped into their formation and joined in playing with them. Scott has played a couple of parades with the Hilton band.

Harold and Emily were there, but they didn't march because they drove the 1942 GPW in the parade. Steve and Margaret's daughter rode along with them.

In other good news, congratulations to Tim and Amy, who were married last Saturday, July 7 at Genesee Country Museum. Congratulations to Kevin and Amy, who got engaged and are planning a June 2013 wedding. Congratulations to Emily for graduating from St. John Fisher College, passing her teacher exams and getting her certifications in early childhood education and special education.

If you have news that you'd like to share with everyone, let me know and I'll include it in my next post. Or you can blog it yourself; let me know if you need instructions on how to get started.

Our next parades are Friday, July 20 in Rush and Saturday, July 21 for the Caledonia and Mumford FDs 125th Anniversary Parade. Two great parades in one weekend!

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