Now, That's Dedication!

by Maria on June 27th, 2012

Josh used to live in North Greece, so it's no surprise that one of his favorite parades is Barnard. Even after he moved to Farmington, he still makes a special effort to be there. When he didn't get any information about the Barnard Parade, he emailed Gail. She responded, but Josh didn't see it. So on Wednesday June 20, Josh put on his uniform, drove to Barnard, put his instrument together and walked to the staging area. When he couldn't find the Heroes, he called Kathy to find out where we were. It took Kathy a minute to figure out what he was talking about because she was at home and the Heroes didn't have Barnard on their schedule this year!

Pully and Maria have friends in the Mark Time Marchers, formerly known as the Kendall Fire Department Band. They wear green and white shirts. The Mark Time Marchers needed a little help for the Marilla Parade June 16, so Pully and Maria joined them. The Heroes wanted to check out the West Seneca Parade for future participation, and it just happened that the Mark Time Marchers had it on their schedule. Since Pully and Maria had so much fun in Marilla, they went back a week later and joined the Mark Time Marchers again for the West Seneca Parade in the afternoon and the Alden Parade in the evening. It brought back such wonderful memories of the Heroes playing in Alden! While Pully and Maria were enjoying some refreshment in the beer tent after the parade, they were invited to play a few tunes with the Marilla Fire Department Band. It was the perfect ending for a perfect day.

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