Spencerport FD Parade 2012

by Maria on June 8th, 2012

Kudos to the Spencerport Fire Department! In spite of the usual parade staging area on Lyell Avenue being closed off for roadwork, they managed to reorganize and host another great parade. We didn't find out about the new route until two days before the parade, but we managed to alert most of our members and had a good showing. Kevin didn't get the message and was heading out to the old staging area when Steve showed up - from Spencer - and pointed him in the right direction. Thank goodness! That would have been a long way to walk for nothing.

Right before the parade, there were some gusty winds and a big dark cloud. It all went south of us and we had a pleasant evening for marching with the Clifton FD and catching up with some Heroes who can't make many parades due to work schedules. The trumpets sounded strong with Rick V. and Mike B. completing the row. The saxes were screaming with Jamie in the ranks, and we even played Heartbreak Hotel in the beer tent.

One highlight of the evening was seeing old friends was catching up with Bob W., Sean W., and Doug B., who originally played with the Hilton FD Band. When that folded, they joined the Heroes, and in recent years they have resurrected the Hilton FD band as the Hilton Generations Band. They sounded great in the parade and at the beer tent.

Did anyone see Bob M., our photographer, taking pictures from the overpass? I just happened to look up, and there he was leaning over the edge of the overpass clicking away. I look forward to seeing how we look from a new angle.

We also welcomed a new member, Ashley, who is a flute student and friend of Tracey's. If you would like to join Kelley's Heroes band or color guard, visit our homepage and click on Join.

Our next public appearance is Wednesday, July 4 at the Chil-E-Fest in Chili.

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Liz - June 8th, 2012 at 6:39 AM
What an awesome night!!! As the WB, I'm embarrassed that my "not-so-smart phone" doesn't have radar capiblities.... thank goodness Colleen checked the radar for me!!! Either way, it was great to have the temperature drop before we started marching!!

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