Mendon FD Parade 2012

by Maria on June 3rd, 2012

What a difference a day can make! Friday night, it was pouring rain at York; Saturday night, it was cool and partly sunny at Mendon. It was so cool, Marcia E. had to go to her car while we were playing in the beer tent to get her KH sweatshirt.

We marched for Bushnells Basin. There were five enthusiastic children carrying their banner. The banner carriers were very interested in what we were playing and had many questions, especially for our brass and sax players. We hope they maintain that interest and join a marching band in the future.

The Kelley's Heroes banner was carried by Tim Henry's two daughters and a friend. Tim is a Cal-Mum graduate now living in Mendon. The girls looked like they were having a great time, smiling and waving to their friends throughout the parade.

Steve B. deserves special recognition for his dedication. He left work in Spencer and drove straight to Mendon. He parked his car on the street, found his other vehicle in the parking area, changed into his uniform and got his saxophone. He could hear us playing Jenny, so he followed the sound and joined us just as we were just finishing the parade. Even though he missed the parade, it was still worth the effort since he stayed to play in the beer tent with us.

At the beer tent, Scott M. told me that Kathy didn't think the carpool would be able to get through Taylor Road, so she went around the back roads to get to the parking area from the east side. Even though the carpool sat in traffic for a few minutes, we got through with time to spare. Kathy arrived at about the same time, so everything worked out just fine.

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